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arms_07 wrote:
Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC error

This error message could be generated by any of the below reasons.

1. During the transmission of the file it became corrupt or bad
2. The file was sent inappropriately
3. The device being opened from is bad or contains errors
4. The file itself is bad or the program attempting to open the file is bad.

* Download the file again.
* Reinstall the program being used to open the file
* Attempt to open with a different program
* If the file is on the hard disk drive, run scandisk / defrag
* Assume the file is bad and cannot be recovered

~kdg2 trjd gak bl kta extract ttpi ttp kuar crc error w/pun kta dh tick kt broken files, so solution hyer satu jer knl psti part atau file yg error n redownload smla...

~hya itu pylsaian trkhir,mgkin sebab file kta dolod tu terbehenti kjp mser dlod n then resume blik mybbkan proses dolod xsmprna...

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